Auto Exchange USA knows how important peace of mind is when investing your hard earned money into the second largest purchase American family's will make.  

That's why we have partnered with GWC Warranty Company.  With an A+ BBB Rating it's obvious they stand by their warranty and offer hassle free claims aimed at providing the best aftercare for your vehicle currently available.

There are multiple benefits to having a Warranty and especially with GWC.

Here are a few:

  1. You never have to negotiate price on claims.  You simply hand them GWC Warranty's information and let them do the rest.
  2. Factory approved parts must be used, eliminating the fear of using inadequate parts that are not reliable or built to last.
  3. Your vehicle is Pre-Owned Certified, meaning it's been inspected and approved for safe and worry-free driving.
  4. The important components of your vehicle are covered, giving you peace of mind and eliminating the worry of costly repairs.
  5. You can comfortably set aside a small and manageable amount per month towards vehicle maintenance and eliminate surprises.
  6. You can customize your warranty and only cover the portions of the vehicle you want and choose the length of time you wish to cover.
  7. Your vehicle is protected during the high-risk period of ownership.
  8. GWC has paid more than $375 million dollars in claims for their customers! 
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GWC Warranty