Auto Exchange USA wants you to maximize your vehicle's gas mileage capability.

That is why we work very hard at finding the best resources, articles, and the latest information aimed at helping you discover things like this.

Performing these easy, but often neglected steps, will help you save hundreds in the course of a year.

  1. Tire Pressure - check at least one time per month to ensure your tire pressure is accurate (can save up to 3.3%)
  2. Engine Oil - by using the engine oil grade recommended by your manufacturer you can save up to 2 percent
  3. Replace Clogged Air Filters - replacing oil air filters will give you better gas mileage and increase acceleration
  4. Check Engine Performance - can improve gas mileage up to 4 percent
  5. Fix Pressing Issues- repairing necessary components of your vehicle can up your gas mileage up to 40%
Being proactive when it comes to repairs, changing your engine oil regularly, and having your vehicle inspected and maintained as needed is the best way to increase gas mileage and the life of your vehicle.
The best way to not get into anything that will cause these things is to ensure you purchase a Quality Used Vehicle, purchase the Extended Vehicle Service Plan, and buy CERTIFIED USED CARS that have been inspected and guaranteed prior to purchase.
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